Color My Life Happy with Maria Lesetz - What Color Are you?

What Color Are You?

Life is all about relationships – especially the one with yourself!  Do you understand why you behave and act the way you do in various life situations?  Socrates said that the major task of life is to come to “know

Unlock your Happy within with Maria Lesetz

Are you truly ready for change?

You have arrived here because you are looking for a significant positive change in your life.  You’ve had enough with that subpar way of living and you are ready to amp it up in a big way.  It’s time.  It’s

Maria Lesetz of Color My Life Happy

About Maria Lesetz

Maria Lesetz, founder of Lovin’ Life is a well-known Law of Attraction Happiness Coach, Executive Success Coach, Certified Life Coach for Doctors and a Certified Color Code Trainer for both individuals and corporations!  She will inspire you to break through

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Law of Attraction Coaching with Maria Lesetz

Learning how to Be Happy with Maria Lesetz of Lovin' Life

Whooo hoooo … you are ready to get a “Jump-Start” on feeling more JOY in your life!  You want to learn NEW life skills that will help you to be happy NOW, despite the bumps in the road you are

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Want to Attract More Money into your Life?

Color My Life Happy Money Coaching with Maria Lesetz

Maria Lesetz hears it all the time from clients, followers, fans, and even some friends … “But, HOW do I attract more money into my life? I never have enough!” Money is energy.  What you think and believe about money

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What Clients are Saying about Maria …

Maria Lesetz is the Most Powerful Spiritual Teacher and Coach that I have ever had a session with! She gets straight to Your Soul and MOVES you into the place that Your Soul truly desires to go. Maria Lesetz is one of the greats ... among others I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with ... Rhonda Byrne who wrote "The Secret", Don Miguel Ruiz who wrote "The Four Agreements" and Tony Robbins who does events all over the world. If you are thinking about making changes in yourself and your life, I highly recommend working with Maria Lesetz!

Andrea S.

Physician Client …

When I started working with Maria, I was in a deep depression, burnt out from work, and felt like my life had no meaning. Our work together changed my emotions and attitude from feeling stuck in a rut to the understanding that I can be the master of my own destiny. Maria helped me to transform my depression, resentment, and anger to thoughts of abundance and excellence in all aspects of my life.

John S., MD

Weight Loss Client …

Before working with Maria I felt pretty hopeless and lost when it came to weight loss and my body image. I was very unhappy with how I looked and it was starting to take over my life. I've done lots of weight loss programs before and not achieved the results I wanted but felt Maria's was different somehow with her unique approach to the mindset work behind weight loss.  So I gave it a go and can happily announce that 6 months later I am the exact dress size I have always wanted to be but more importantly I don't obsess over my body image anymore and feel much more confident in my own skin. Working with Maria is great as she's straight talking and tells you exactly what you need to hear. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who has tried to change an aspect of their life before and failed. She's made a huge difference to me and is so fun to work with!

Lucy J., CEO