The Law of Attraction and Covid19 The Coronavirus is something that is not going away soon.  It’s something that as a global Law of Attraction and Health teacher I have been asked to address and give my thoughts on.  So, here it goes.  I will probably be writing multiple blog posts on this, so this is just the start of guidance for anyone who needs help navigating how to respond to the global spread of this virus.

Some of my suggestions might come as a surprise to you, since many people who have SOME knowledge about the Law of Attraction are mislead to believe that it is all about blocking out the bad stuff and not giving it any attention.  That’s actually NOT accurate.  At least, it is not what I teach.   It’s about learning how to navigate your emotions during times of adversity and finding that energy space of peace and calm within you, despite what’s going on around you.  When people feel “out of control” when listening to something happening outside of them (especially when it is impacting people globally), they feel FEAR.  But you need to remember that you are always in control of what you choose to focus on and how you choose to respond to that focus.  You can’t get swept up into the fear and hysteria.

You just need to take measures, both practical and vibrational, that make you feel relief and confident on the inside that “you’ve got this” and that all is well.

Vibrationally navigating the Coronavirus

In a nutshell, you have to ask yourself …

“Is what I am doing currently in response to this Coronavirus continuing to perpetuate panic and fear within and around me
is it bringing me some sense of peace and relief that I am doing everything I can to protect myself (and others) both
physically and emotionally during this time?”
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I pride myself in being the go-to-coach that helps my clients THRIVE through adversity.  And this adversity is one that is perceived to be a biggie!

I recommend a two-fold approach to action steps you can take to ensure that you are navigating this adversity beautifully.  One approach is a set of practical steps that I take (since many of you have asked my how I have changed what I do physically as a result of this) and the other set of steps falls into the category of “vibrational steps”, which is what I teach on a daily basis to my clients.

The worst thing you can do during all of this is panic.  Panic is a negative energy that will just bring you more things to panic about.  And that energy will definitely not aid your body in remaining healthy.  It will do just the opposite.  And if you don’t believe that statement, have you ever heard of the phrase “stress will kill you” (physicians will tell you that too).  Well, panic is in the same category as “stress”!

Don't panic around the Coronavirus

Practical Steps that I am taking during this Coronavirus pandemic:

1)  I am being extra diligent about washing my hands even more frequently than I usually do.  I have always used GermX in my car in between shopping excursions, even before the Coronavirus – so that’s nothing new.  (When I was in the corporate world, I was the one who bought little bottles of Purell for everyone in my office when someone came to work sick!)  What I am doing differently when I get home is I wash my hands AGAIN.  I have even tried singing Happy Birthday twice to ensure the proper length of washing!  I get a kick out of singing Happy Birthday to myself even when it isn’t my Birthday month!  I have also played around with combining my hand washing with some cool affirmations that make me feel good on the inside (e.g., “I’m a lean mean healin’ machine!”, “I love and approve of myself”, “I rock”, “All is well”, “I’ve got this”, etc.).

2) I am wearing my winter gloves more than usual and I wash those gloves often in my washing machine.

3) I am using Credit Cards instead of cash.  This is a BIG switch for me, since I ALWAYS like to pay in cash.  But I thought that extra level of precaution was wise.  So, that’s what I am doing “just for now”.

4) I have always taken nutritional supplements daily, however, I am amping up my doses of garlic supplement, immune chews and have been adding a little Apple Cider Vinegar in my water cup.

5) I am not taking my usual Las Vegas vacation any time soon.  Decided to stay put … again “just for now” and not take part in anything that has mass crowds of people.  I never travel on planes, so that’s not an issue for me.

6) I am an entrepreneur who works from home.  So, every single day I express gratitude for having that liberty to be working from home, instead of in a corporate setting.  I do recommend that if you do work in a corporate setting, see if your company will allow you to work from home.  Many of my corporate clients are telling me that their companies are suggesting this.  So, seize the opportunity if you can!

7) I love to try samples at Costco or Trader Joe’s, but during this timeframe, I am refraining from indulging in free samples … just for now.  And some of these companies are already taking measures to not offer the samples.

Law of Attraction Health Tips for the CoronaVirus

“Vibrational” Steps that I am taking and suggest during this Coronavirus pandemic:

By “vibrational” I mean – what can you do from a “mindset” and “spiritual awareness” standpoint that will positively impact your physical state of health.

1) There’s A LOT of focus on the Coronavirus in the news and social media – you could literally consume all of your time watching all the updates.  However, I do NOT recommend that unless you feel 100% informed and it is making you feel empowered to do so.  I recommend using your internal navigational system around your feelings and let that guide you as to how much you take in and how much you turn off.  I choose to only listen to a select set of factual content around the state of the Coronavirus and turn off all the rest of the dramatizing of it and the fear mongering. You don’t need that.  Fear will only attract more negative energy to you.

Take back your power if the news is depleting all of your good energy and turn to something more empowering that makes you feel good on the inside.  Go out for a walk in nature (like I do).  Listen to more inspirational podcasts.  Do meditations that bring the peace and calm back into your vibrational being.

2) Remind yourself that “Being happy and at peace, despite any adversity, is a powerful immune booster“.  Now, I am not just saying “putting a happy face on it”.  Our emotional immune system is what matters here.  When you can find that energy space of peace & all is well in the face of something like this, that’s when your physical body will respond in kind (meaning … it will be in a healthier state and more likely to have the ability to thrive through something like this).

3) My personal affirmation from back in the day when I was diagnosed with MS is a powerful one for me.  I have been using it more these days as a reminder to my mind, body and soul that … “I’m a lean mean healin’ machine!” (and sometimes I change it to “I’m a lean mean healthy machine”, depending on what I feel inspired to say in that moment!  Now, let me make this very clear, when I say this affirmation out loud, I truly feel it underneath to the core of my being.  It’s a reminder to myself that my body is a powerful force of nature that can do ANYTHING when I set my mind to it and I 100% believe in its miraculous abilities!

4) One of my Best Year Yet Guidelines for 2020 states “As a result of __________ (where the blank is a situation I may be dealing with that can be perceived as a negative event), how can I appreciate life EVEN more?   Yes, I am asking this to myself because life is precious and instead of wasting my energy focusing on something negative, I want to use this as an opportunity to amp up my attitude of gratitude even more and to do something that expresses how much I appreciate this wonderful life I have.

5) Even though this is not the same as the flu or other respiratory ailments, I am still using my past positive experiences when I did thrive through some health bumps as a way to affirm to myself that my body can heal from the coronavirus if I got it.  (I did it with the diagnosis of MS, I surely can do it here as well).  Now, for some people they don’t even want to think about the possibility of actually getting it.  But for me, I know that “making peace with what is” is a powerful vibration to keep us healthy and happy, because we are not flowing resistance to the exact thing we do not want.  What we resist … persists.  So, I choose to make peace with what is and give myself the confidence boost that “I’ve got this” and “All is well”.

6) Watch what you are affirming by default.  I had a client who said the other day “I am struggling with this … “.  That’s a negative affirmation.  Try saying instead “I am navigating this situation …”.  For example, I would say “I am vibrationally navigating this Coronovirus situation by choosing to implement strategies that align with great health and wellbeing.”  Can you feel the difference in the two affirmations?  One feels heavy, the other feels empowering and lighter!

Ok, before this post turns into a book, one more reminder for you while you are navigating the Coronavirus pandemic:

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“You are in control of how you respond to what is right in front of you.
Choose to respond in a way that brings you relief, peace, ease and makes you feel empowered on the inside.” 

A practical guide to the Coronavirus from a Law of Attraction Health Coach

Maria Lesetz

Maria Lesetz is a Law of Attraction Happiness Coach, Motivational Speaker and Certified Color Code Trainer as well as Life Coach for Physicians. Maria's clients refer to her as their very own "Personal Trainer for the Mind". She helps her clients to pivot their daily negative mind chatter to consistent positive thoughts and feelings, paving the way to abundant success and an inner sense of joy and peace that is second to none. Schedule your 15-minute complimentary Discovery Session today! Go to Color My Life Happy Discovery Session to find out more.