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Maria Lesetz, founder of Lovin’ Life is a well-known Law of Attraction Happiness Coach, Executive Success Coach, Certified Life Coach for Doctors and a Certified Color Code Trainer for both individuals and corporations!  She will inspire you to break through ANY obstacle that stops you from feeling peace and joy right now and will teach you the life skills that will help you to live out your greatest desires and dreams!

She is referred to by many of her clients as their “Personal Trainer for the Mind” or their “Mind Whisperer”.  She is an integral part of their professional team of experts, one that does something very different from the rest – helping them to pivot all that daily negative mind chatter to consistent positive thoughts and feelings.  Why is that important?  That negative mindset that you embrace each day will stop you from living a happy and successful life.  It will make you feel tired, stressed, sluggish, frustrated and often … just plain grumpy!   That’s no way to go through each day of your life – it’s draining.  And it doesn’t have to be that way!

Maria’s high-energy, passion and enthusiasm for life is super contagious and she spreads that abundant positive energy through 1-on-1 coaching, teleclasses (coaching programs conducted via telephone), motivational speaking, writing magazine articles and guest appearances on radio shows and even television!

Maria will teach you how to leverage the Law of Attraction in your favor so that “happy” is your default vibe, despite any bumps in the road you are currently facing.  Maria is no stranger to manifesting some amazing things in her life, despite her very own bumps in the road, which she attributes to the mindset that she chooses to embrace each and every day.  She wants you to know that no matter how “out of reach” your goals and desires may feel at this moment, that you too can learn how to pivot your mindset so that it paves the way to your success.

Maria walks her talk and is no stranger to thriving through those bumps in the road of life.  Here are just a few of Maria’s Success Stories where she applied exactly what she is going to teach you – how to pivot your mindset to thrive through any adversity!

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* Most people would never know that Maria was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The typical comment she hears from individuals after one of her keynote speeches is “Are you sure you have MS? You have SO MUCH ENERGY and you are SO POSITIVE!”  Her secret to turning around her overall state of health was shifting her mindset around the DIS-ease, choosing “happy” (despite the bump in the road) and eliminating all the stress in her life.  Yes, it is possible.  And she can teach you how to do the same!

* Maria has lost 70 lbs. and has successfully kept it off for over 23 years and counting!  She knows the secret to keeping the weight off and staying fit and she shares this with all her clients who want to stop the negative self talk around their bodies and once and for all feel good about how they look each and every day!

* Maria quit the Corporate Rat-Race to start her own business, after envisioning this desire for many years. While in corporate (she was a Statistician), she reminded herself of her vision by creating a company logo for her own business and looking at it every day. On one of those stressful corporate days, this vision helped her to get through the day, knowing that one day she would own her own business! And today, she has realized her vision and it is even bigger than she ever dreamed of!  She’s navigated those bumps in the road that all entrepreneurs face when they start a new business and now she teaches her entrepreneurial clients how to embrace a success mindset and enjoy the freedom, flexibility and deep passion that running a successful business can bring you.

* Maria manifested a Cross-Country move that started off as a little voice in her head telling her that she needed to move to the West Coast. Despite any obstacles, Maria kept her intentions clear and just knew that this move would happen smoothly and effortlessly … and it did! That’s the Law of Attraction in Action!

* Maria manifested being on TV.  Maria put together her own vision board (something she encourages her clients to do).  On that vision board, she put a picture of herself near a TV News truck and pointed to it.  She had a strong desire to be featured on TV and to be able to share her passion and work with a bigger audience.  It unfolded beautifully without her seeking it out.  One day a news anchor contacted her on Twitter and said “I want to feature your positive messages on TV” and the rest is history.  How cool is that?

* Maria navigated the challenges that arise when your parents are elderly and can no longer live far away from where you live.  Relocating her 86-year old parents clear across the country was no small feat, but Maria implemented all of her coaching tools to make this transition as smooth as possible and have things work out, despite the fact that initially she had no clue on HOW all the steps were going to unfold.

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Maria Lesetz wants to live in a world where people focus more on what IS working in their lives (more positive self-talk) vs. complaining about what is NOT working (all that negative chatter that makes the energy of society so heavy and depressing).  She wants you to realize that the energy of complaining is going to bring you more things to complain about and will never bring you the peace, joy and success that you are looking for.  Pivoting your self-talk to what makes you feel good, empowered, trusting, loving and just plain yummy on the inside, will be your ticket to significantly improving your mood and manifesting your greatest desires and dreams.


Happy Days with Color My Life Happy Coach Maria LesetzYOU, and only you, have the power to choose happiness and you also have the power to spread that positive energy to each and every person that you meet.

After working with Maria, you will experience a much lighter, happy-go-lucky attitude towards life that will feel not only delightful, but will positively impact your health, wealth and all of your relationships!

Maria has been featured on Fox News Oregon, a variety of Health and Wellness radio shows, Connextion Magazine, Physician Family Media and many online Law of Attraction communities where she has taught classes as the expert on leveraging the power of the mind to positively influence your physical health as well as the success you experience in all areas of your life!

When Maria is not coaching, writing and speaking, you can find her exercising on her Lovin’ Life walking path in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, taking cross country road trips, exploring her beautiful state of Oregon, vacationing in Vegas, dancing, singing and eating her favorite dark chocolate and drinking her Unsweetened Pure Leaf Lipton Iced Tea (and local brews made in Oregon)!

If you are truly ready for a profound positive change in your life, then contact Maria today to find out how she can help YOU.