As a Certified Color Code Trainer, Maria Lesetz offers coaching services to Corporate Executive Teams through on-site 1-2 day Color Code workshops as well as online Webinar Training.

Maria also offers private 1-on-1 coaching for VP’s, Directors, Managers and/or Team Leaders within the organization.  Through her corporate experience, she has found that happy team members that feel balanced, satisfied with their careers and are armed with the tools to address the constant stress within the corporate environment, leads to an enhanced level of productivity, greater business success as well as significantly improves employee retention!

Individuals of the team who have worked with Maria 1-on-1 through the coaching process and are open to work on their own personal growth and wellbeing learn how to communicate more effectively with the unique personalities of their team and are the ones who have experienced the greatest success in their careers as well as an improved sense of overall life satisfaction and happiness.

Benefits of Hiring Maria as Your Corporate Executive Coach:

  • Higher level of trust and understanding among team members.

More listening & empathy => Boosts productivity!

  • When working simultaneously on personal & professional goals, your company benefits greatly by investing in their employees’ wellbeing.
  • Strengthen skill sets / gain confidence / significantly improve inward & outward communication (within team & between other business units).
  • Identify energy drains that hinder the success of the team.

      More positive energy => A team that works in sync with each other!

  • Setting positive intentions for difficult situations instead of going into crisis or panic mode.
  • Gain clarity (around purpose, direction, legacy) and fine tune leadership mindset – effective leaders find the calm during the business storms!
  • Navigate team members and employee conflicts with ease.
  • Pivot negative “chatter” to productive “chatter”.  There is a way of communicating that will yield the most positive outcome and a way that will hinder the success of a project.
  • Address gaps & “problems” (which are only “solutions waiting to happen”) within team dynamics – mode of operation will be tweaked to enhance success and fulfillment.
  • Each team member will acquire new leadership skills that integrate a more inner approach to success / more intrinsic and natural way of leading and communicating effectively.

Corporate Coaching with Maria LesetzDeliverables to Your Organization:

  • Gain greater understanding of the way each person on the leadership team operates – appreciate each other more / working well together, capitalizing on their differences (“gel” more), leveraging each person’s unique strengths, working as a cohesive unit.  (Color Code Team Summary Report + Comprehensive Presentation to team on site!)
  • When you fully understand the Color Code of each team member, everyone can communicate in a way that speaks directly to and resonates with the specific personality type that they are interacting with – makes for a far more productive conversation which leads to effective team meetings and more tasks getting done in a quicker period of time.
  • When your team is happy and honoring their Top True Values (Conduct TruValues Assessment Workshop), they will be more productive, devoted and functions will be streamlined & efficient.
  • Teaching & practicing (on site & via telephone) the art of listening for each team member (keeping in mind individual color code styles) => creates more productive relationships and keeps creativity flowing.
  • Teaching mindfulness tools (techniques to find the peace during the storms, prevent burnout) for taking care of self, especially during fast-paced, highly stressful times – under tight deadlines, etc.  Overwhelm doesn’t contribute to productivity and exceptional bottom line results – quite the contrary.
  • Survey leadership team to capture gaps in team’s satisfaction and fulfillment with job and overall career path.
  • Facilitate Best Year Yet Plan – 1 page for team as a whole; 1 page for each leader. (Extremely Effective tool for achieving both personal and professional goals!)
  • Evaluate Team Dynamics for meetings, identifying areas of improvement (based on Color Code – communicating with each other more effectively).
  • Identify individual needs of each team member – how to blend that into overall team goals; Facilitate workshop where everything is out on the table, identifying BIG PICTURE DESIRES – from personal communication goals to overall company goals.

Contact Maria Lesetz todayIf you are interesting in hiring Maria Lesetz as your Corporate Executive Coach and/or Color Code Trainer for your organization, contact her today to set up a time to speak about your corporation’s specific needs and goals.


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Here’s what Maria’s Corporate Clients are saying …

Improved and deepen our team relationships

Maria Lesetz and her Color Code Training have been instrumental to identify opportunities to improve and deepen our teams relationships with each other and our business partners.

This work has offered not only a stronger, more efficient team but better business results.  I highly recommend Maria’s Executive Coaching Services as well as her Color Code Training program for maximum team benefit!

J. W., V.P. of Innovation

Maria has become a positive force in my life

I have been working with Maria Lesetz over the past two years and have experienced both personal and professional rewards.

Her coaching style is straight forward, efficient and impactful.  She has become a positive force in my life and an integral catalyst to ensuring my overall success and happiness!

Meghan M., C-Suite Executive

Insights from learning the Color Code are incredibly valuable

I found Maria’s Color Code Training to be a tremendous tool for improving any relationship, be it business or personal.

The insights provided by learning my own and other’s strengths and limitations are incredibly valuable, and I have been able to use them to guide successful personal and professional interactions.

Learning the color code from Maria’s coaching and training has ultimately been about my own character building and gaining a deeper understanding of why others behave the way they do and how to speak their language in order to get things done and improve work relationships.

Maria’s Executive Coaching and Color Code training has enhanced both my personal and professional relationships and my overall quality of life.


Francoise L., Sr. Director

Working with you is like having my own little ray of sunshine

Working with you has been like having my own little ray of sunshine in my pocket.

The consistent focus on celebrating the things that are working for me and bringing me joy, while simultaneously working on letting go of the things that are not, is something I carry with me every day.

When I feel myself slipping back into negative habits, I keep hearing your voice “practice that muscle” and it forces me to change direction.

Thank you for helping me to Love Life!

Karen M., Sr. Director of Consumer Engagement

Working with Maria on the Color Code has been an incredible help in my current position as I transitioned to a new role

I have always been intrigued by human behavior particularly how we work together.  I have participated in and utilized almost every personality type program out there.

Working with Maria on the Color Code has been an incredible help in my current position as a I transitioned to a new role as Director and then had two bosses in the same year.

Our work together on understanding how to successfully interact with my leadership and my team has taken this work to the next level and eased the stress of these transitions tremendously for all parties.

Dianne D., Director of Marketing