This episode is longer than usual, but a juicy one – packed with loads of Law of Attraction wisdom around whether you should trust the experts you consult with when it comes to giving you guidance around your life path!
Do you have to feel happy all the time? Heck no! I want you to feel all of your emotions! Let it out, feel what you feel and then learn how to move on from those negative emotions and get
Do you have to work hard to manifest what you desire to have in your life? In this episode I explore that “belief” and encourage you to hop on my “easy breezy” train of manifestation – allowing for the possibilities
Do you want something in your life to change SO badly that you long for it and you think about it every day activating negative or heavy feelings of sadness or frustration throughout the day? In this episode, I discuss
This episode is all about amping up your MONEY MANIFESTING skills! Learn some juicy Law of Attraction tips AND have some fun hearing about how your Astrological Sun Sign plays a part in your money attraction powers! If you are
Sometimes a lesson is presented in a slightly different way and you are ready to receive it! My intent for this episode is that you have an ah-hah moment, like I did, when you hear this twist on the Law
In this episode I will share with you how to embrace an abundant mindset when a door closes to your dreams. You’ve heard the quote “when one door closes, another one is opening”? Forget that … take that up a
In this episode I discuss one of my favorite quotes, “Faith it till you make it”, which is a twist on the common phrase “Fake it till you make it”! From a Law of Attraction standpoint, it’s all about the
In this fun-filled episode I explore 2 different modalities of understanding ourselves and others on a deeper level, breaking some new ground by blending Color Code Personality Science with Astrology! Color Code implements a unique personality assessment that is based
What meaning do you place on that number on the scale or the balance in your bank account or the opinions of others that think you should be doing something different with your life? In this episode I encourage you