Intentionally Creating Your Ideal Day!

In this episode, I share with you specific self-reflective questions to answer from my Lovin’ Life daily journal. These questions will help you to set the positive energy in motion to create the type of days you truly want to

Neutralizing Manipulative People

Manipulative people can be extremely toxic to your overall health and happiness … if you allow them to! In this episode I discuss a real life situation of a client who was thrown off by something her manipulative family members

Processing Grief – Part 2

In this episode I continue the conversation around how to process grief in the healthiest way possible. This process applies to our human loved ones and also our fur babies! The feeling of grief can be just as deep if

Processing Grief – Part 1

In this episode I talk about how to navigate those waves of emotion when you lose a loved one. I share my own experience with recently losing my Mom and how I am dealing with these new feelings that are

Nostalgic for Pre-Covid 19 times?

In this episode, I share a story of one of my clients who longs to go back to the norm that was prior to this global pandemic of Covid-19. She is blaming the Coronavirus situation for her not being able

Are you living in FEAR?

In this episode I discuss how to overcome fear (and anxiety) by learning how to pivot your mindset and the negative stories you are telling yourself on a daily basis. I will teach you how to start eliminating that energy

Feeling Stressed? Listen up!

During this episode I will teach you 5 steps to reducing the stress you feel on a daily basis by learning how to master the art of mindfulness. I will share with you an acronym that I created that will

A letter from my Mom

In this episode, I share many thoughts on people who share their frustration around “being done with this Coronavirus” to the beliefs that others have on the way you “should” behave, act and how you should be living your life!

The Happy-Healthy Connection!

In this episode, I share the personal mindset strategies I used to turn my overall health around after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis by implementing the Law of Attraction in my favor. The nature of your thoughts and feelings impacts

When Outside Circumstances Make You Cranky!

In this episode I share a personal story about my Mom who is very cranky over this Coronavirus situation and the advice I gave her on how to find the happy and peace within, despite the adversity we are all

When you are worried about Money!

In this Law of Attraction money episode, I will teach you how to improve your relationship with money, even during times of recession or societal money woes, so that your personal financial situation pivots to the positive. I will share

The Advice that Makes me Cringe!

In this episode I share my motivational tip – which is counter intuitive to conventional wisdom – when it comes to dealing with the diagnosis of a chronic health condition like Multiple Sclerosis. This one Law of Attraction coaching tip

When you are Boiling over with Frustration!

Are you ready to blow a gasket (especially during the Coronavirus times) at customer service, being on hold with unemployment for 3 hours, the inability to open up your business that you so rely on for income? In this episode,

When Loved Ones Get on your Last Nerve!

Are you at your wit’s end with your loved ones, especially during this Stay-at-Home order during the Coronavirus? In this episode, I will share some coaching tips on how to navigate those difficult relationships so that you can start living

Ditch Everyone Else’s Rules

Do you find yourself living by other people’s rules, but those rules are making you miserable and not attracting to you what you desire to have? In this episode, you will learn how your path to being truly happy is

Who’s to Say that it has to be that way?

Do you buy into what the naysayers are telling you is possible when it comes to your own life? In this episode you will learn a powerful question you can ask yourself (and the Universe) that will debunk those naysayers’

Thriving through the Coronavirus!

Are you having a difficult time adjusting to this new norm with the Coronavirus? In this episode, I will teach you how to navigate this global pandemic by embracing the energy of peace and calm into your vibrational being, despite

When you ask the question WHY?

Do you often ask yourself “Why has this not happened in my life yet?” or “Why did this have to happen to me?” In this episode, I will help you to pivot that question to one that is more expansive,

Living in the Infinite Possibilities!

Do you get caught up in societal probabilities of what you can manifest in your life? In this episode you will learn how to turn probabilities into infinite possibilities. I will teach you how to step into your power to

What to do when you don’t like “What is”!

How do you make peace with what is, when “what is” does NOT make you happy? In this episode I discuss one of the best vibrational energies that you can choose to embrace which will help you release the resistance