In this fun-filled episode I explore 2 different modalities of understanding ourselves and others on a deeper level, breaking some new ground by blending Color Code Personality Science with Astrology! Color Code implements a unique personality assessment that is based on your motive – WHY you do what you do? It doesn’t just observe behaviors – it goes deeper than that and it is a more accurate way to understand yourself as well as others and improve all of your relationships! There are 4 different personality types in the Color Code: Red (Core Motive = Power); Blue (Core Motive = Intimacy); White (Core Motive = Peace); Yellow (Core Motive = Fun). Astrologer Jen Williams and I begin to discuss and explore the blends of the 12 Sun Signs with the Color Code types in a light-hearted conversation. If you want to take the Color Code test to find out your primary color/motive, visit and then contact us to book your fun-filled Color Code Astrology private session.

Astrology with a Twist!