After watching an episode of the TV Show, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, on Choosing Happiness, I was inspired to record this and discuss whether someone can always choose to be happy during times of adversity. You may be surprised by my take on this being a Law of Attraction Happiness Coach, but it is worth the listen since being happy is not the goal 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. There is another emotion and vibe that is more important to reach for during those red hot moments of adversity which will positively impact your overall happiness!

Choosing Happiness – Can it be done?

Maria Lesetz

Maria Lesetz is a Law of Attraction Happiness Coach, Motivational Speaker and Certified Color Code Trainer as well as Life Coach for Physicians. Maria's clients refer to her as their very own "Personal Trainer for the Mind". She helps her clients to pivot their daily negative mind chatter to consistent positive thoughts and feelings, paving the way to abundant success and an inner sense of joy and peace that is second to none. Schedule your 15-minute complimentary Discovery Session today! Go to Color My Life Happy Discovery Session to find out more.