Maria Lesetz thought it would be helpful for you to see the answers to the most frequently asked questions that people have when deciding to hire her as their coach.  Maria answers these common questions in a very simple and straight-forward format (no mumbo-jumbo) so that you can quickly have some baseline knowledge of the coaching process prior to contacting her. 

First and foremost, Maria wants you to know that ALL sessions are private and confidential.  What you share with Maria is between you and her ONLY.  

1) What’s the difference between coaching and psychotherapy?

Therapy deals with addressing and resolving issues from the past.  Coaching is rooted in the present moment and supports your personal and professional growth by encouraging you to live in a solution mindset and create actionable steps to create what you desire to have or change in your life.  As a trained coach, Maria will partner with you in a thought-provoking, fun and creative process which will inspire you to achieve your personal and professional goals in the most easy-breezy fashion, while all along the coaching journey amping up your overall sense of inner joy and peace.

2) Where are the coaching sessions conducted?

If you are working with Maria 1-on-1 as an individual coaching client, all sessions are conducted via telephone where you will call her Lovin’ Life office line or through Maria’s private Zoom conference line.  All sessions are scheduled ahead of time.

If you are hiring Maria as a corporate coach, she will travel to your organization to do LIVE workshops or she will conduct online webinars via her private Zoom conference line.

3) Do you work internationally?

Yes.  Maria has clients from all over the world.  Please make sure when you contact her that you let her know where you are located to make sure she is aware of the time zone you are in so that all calls are scheduled at convenient times for both of you.

4) What forms of payment do you accept?

Mastercard or Visa.  Maria also accepts payments through PayPal.

5) What are your working hours?

Maria schedules her private 1-on-1 coaching sessions Monday through Thursday between the hours of 11:00 am – 6:30 pm Pacific Time.

6) Do I get coaching support in between my sessions?

If you purchase her 6-month coaching package, Maria offers additional coaching support via text or e-mail messages in between sessions.  If you purchase her Money Coaching, Relationship Coaching or Health Coaching laser packages, there is no additional coaching support in between those sessions.

7) What is your pricing?

Maria’s prices vary between $997 and $5977 for 1-on-1 clients, depending on what coaching package you invest in.  Her corporate coaching prices depend on the type of training you are looking to conduct within your organization and whether the training is done LIVE or via webinars.  Contact Maria directly for further information about her packages and pricing.

8) What results should I expect to receive from the coaching?

The results you receive are reliant on your 100% commitment to the process of working on yourself.  You need to take full responsibility by having a clear idea of the desired outcome you want to achieve, by requesting what you need from the coaching relationship and holding yourself accountable for the results you desire. You need to be “all in” and do the coaching work discussed during the sessions in order to manifest what you desire to change and create in your life.  As her client, Maria requests that you come to the coaching process with a strong commitment to improving yourself and a unwavering willingness to change anything that is holding you back from succeeding in life.  Maria encourages you to embrace a solution mindset all throughout the coaching process (and life), so that your success is a given.

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