Maria Lesetz is no stranger to experiencing a couple of “bumps in the road” around her overall health and wellbeing.  She was diagnosed with MS a long time ago.  She also was overweight most of her childhood into her college years and knows what it is like to feel “fat” and not exactly love the person that you see in the mirror.

Maria chose to view the diagnosis of MS as “just another bump in the road” of her life and has turned that adversity into an opportunity to leverage the Laws of Attraction in her favor to improve her overall health.  And she did exactly that!  And now, she is teaching others how to do the same. The only thing “MS” means to her right now is … MindSet.  A reminder that what she thinks, feels, talks about, gives her attention to on a daily basis will impact how her body feels.  She will teach you how to eliminate resistant energy in your body (i.e., stress, anger, frustration, etc.). Once you do that, your body will feel more at “ease” and feel a sense of “peace”.  This energy will help your body to align with a greater sense of wellbeing.

Your mindset is the most important thing to pivot when you are dealing with symptoms of less than optimal health or when you are not pleased with the way you look, feel or even how you are aging.  Your mindset can make or break you … literally!  “Mind over matter” … Maria says these three words often to her clients, family and friends.

What your mind says and believes, your body will confirm and follow.

Maria will teach you how to pivot all those thoughts and feelings that are aligned with “sickness” or “disgust” around how your body looks to feelings that are aligned with wellness and great health.  She has a very unique approach to “ease” your vibration around health.

Remember … a health challenge or how much you weigh or how you look as you age, does NOT define you … YOU define YOU by what you choose to believe!

You must be ready for this new way of thinking and be open to it.  If you come to these health coaching sessions and resist the concept of “what you think and believe about your overall health creates your reality”, then they will not work for you.  Resistant energy will always stop you from attracting what you desire to have in you life.

Stress negatively impacts the cells of your body.
When you remove the stress, your body has a better chance of healing.

These sessions are perfect for you if you believe in the Law of Attraction and know that your beliefs, thoughts and feelings around your health need to shift in order to manifest an improved state of wellbeing.  You have to be willing to let go of society’s “sickness mentality” and instead be willing to let in the energy of wellness.  Are you ready for that?

If you just want to work on amping up your overall state of physical health (e.g., weight loss, diagnosis of health condition, burnout symptoms, stress, etc.), then this coaching package is a great place to start.

As your personal Law of Attraction Health Coach, Maria Lesetz will work with you to remove any limiting beliefs and stories you tell yourself about your physical and emotional health and does it in a way that is unique to your specific situation.  With this laser focused coaching, Maria schedules your first session as a 1-hour consultation, where she discovers everything that is holding you back from improving your overall state of health.  Then she schedules 6 more “laser sessions” (i.e., each session lasts approximately 30 minutes) which are in the form of customized meditation scripts (specific to your unique situation), that helps you to release the thoughts, feelings and vibration that is stopping you from manifesting an improved state of health and wellbeing.

If your health situation is less than optimal and you want to learn how to start turning it around, then Maria’s Color my Life Happy Health Coaching Package is for you.

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Color My Life Happy – Health Coaching Package

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