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Comprehensive coaching support and guidance for Physicians, specializing in work-life balance, physician burnout, career satisfaction and overall happiness!

As a Doctor you know what it’s like to have a hectic schedule, work long hours and try to fit in the rest of your life amidst the chaos. At the same time, you want to make sure that you are functioning at your top capacity at all times. Stress is something that you get used to. It’s part of your life.

But what happens when the stress is starting to negatively impact
your own health or other areas of your life?

What’s your strategy for when YOU start to feel overwhelmed, run down and burnt out?

As a Certified Life Coach for Doctors, Maria been coaching physicians for many years now and there’s a common thread she has discovered. As a physician, you are a high achiever and someone who loves the challenges. You are also a perfectionist and often feel like you need to do more. But when an overriding sense of a loss of control and extreme overwhelm trumps the passion you have for what you do, you know it’s time to take action and make a positive shift in your own life.

You deal with life and death situations, chronically ill patients, practice management issues, hospital politics, and you may even have to deal with a medical malpractice lawsuit in the course of your career. Stress is something that you get used to.  Matter of fact, stress is something that you thrive on in many of the situations you find yourself in.

However, stress is also one of the top leading culprits to the decline of a person’s health and overall wellbeing.  But, I don’t have to tell you that. You already know that statistic!

As a physician, can you afford the impact that the stress will have on your future personal and business life?

Patients look up to you as their healer.  They rely on you to be “at your best” and at “the top of your game.”

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Rave Reviews from Physicians who have worked with Maria Lesetz

If you have family, your loved ones count on you to be there and spend quality time, building a happy and prosperous life together.

When you realize that the stress that you have been thriving on is no longer the most effective “drug of choice” to keep you going strong, providing the best quality service to your patients and living a happy life, it’s time to take action.

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Seek out the support you need to bring your life back into balance and ensure that your overall health and wellbeing as a Physician is at the top of your priority list!
Reaching out for professional support is a sign of strength, not weakness.

It is Maria’s vision to globally shift the epidemic of “Physician Burnout” to “Physician Wellness”.

Learn how to eliminate burnout symptoms and improve your work-life balance for good!  Take action now …  Book your “Transform Burnout into Resilience” complimentary consultation with Maria Lesetz today.

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Coaching for the Doctor’s Wife, husband and entire family:
Maria Lesetz also offers coaching services for Physician families.  The Doctor’s wife or husband deals with the stress of being married to a Doctor and the medical profession as a whole.  The children spend less quality time with their parent due to the demands of the profession.  Many personal and relationship challenges present themselves in a Physician family.

If you are a family member and would like to learn more about how Maria’s coaching services can help you manage stress more effectively and improve your family relationships, then contact Maria today  to find out how she can help you navigate the unique challenges of being in a personal relationship with a physician.

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