Life Coaching for Physicians with Maria Lesetz

The negative emotions of depression and anger have subsided

When I started working with Maria, I was in a deep depression, burnt out from work, and felt like my life had no meaning. Our work together changed my emotions and attitude from feeling stuck in a rut to the understanding that I can be the master of my own destiny. Maria helped me to transform my depression, resentment, and anger to thoughts of abundance and excellence in all aspects of my life. I have been able to take a more proactive approach in the workplace. By being more engaged at work and developing my self-confidence, I feel transformed into a new and improved healthcare provider. I do not feel the drain and resistance to patients and colleagues that I had before starting my work with Maria. 

The negative emotions of depression and anger have subsided as a result of my new perspective on life. I am more aware of the negative self-talk that got me down and I have worked to engage my mind with thoughts of abundance and prosperity.

My family life, especially my relationship with my wife has improved tremendously. We spend more time in productive conversation and engaging in activities that bring us closer together.

In addition, I have started to change my relationship with money and for the first time in my life have started a financial plan for my life. My fear and anxiety around money has been decimated

J. Sheehan, MD

I no longer feel that sense of doom & dread

During the time I have been coaching with Maria, the following areas of my life have significantly improved:  

1) My ability to be comfortable and focused at work

2) I no longer feel the sense of DOOM and DREAD that I felt for a period of time.

3) I now know that I shouldn’t take many things personally and this has helped me be a happier, lighter person both at work and at home.  

As a result of this shift, I have a better relationship with my work staff. I am now able to set the tone when others are stressed. Not taking things personally has also allowed me to be less defensive in certain situations as well as criticize others and complain LESS.  

Working with Maria has made a dramatic difference for me and my family. I am grateful that I found you and worked up the nerve to call. I would have missed out on many wonderful experiences (the most important being quality time with my family) if it were not for our time spent coaching together.

Marie C., MD

Maria is an excellent coach

Maria is an excellent coach! I had been experiencing feelings of burnout and frustration intermittently for years.

I had contemplated working with a life/career coach six years ago, but I didn’t feel the right connection with the coaches I had interviewed. After years of not having a coach and wondering if coaching would be a right for me, I spoke with Maria, and I felt a sense of caring and connection.

I am happy to have hired her. I have grown on a personal level and professionally. She has helped lay a foundation for me to build my own roadmap to a more happy life. The exercises that she teaches can be used on a routine basis and help you flow towards success.

V. Johnson, MD

Maria will have any physician choose her out of a lineup of coaches

Maria is a wonderful coach for doctors AND their families!  Very spirited, her ENERGY and her love of life are contagious!  You can’t help from feeling it.

Maria Lesetz will have any physician choose her out of a lineup of life coaches as she is determined to give everyone of us our lost sense of invincibility. Having been healthy all my life, and also treating illness all the time, makes me very well aware of the impact stress and overwhelm can have on lifestyle, energy and longevity of life.

If you are experiencing burnout or if you feel overwhelmed and frustrated because your work lifestyle is beginning to have a negative impact on you and your family, then make Maria Lesetz part of your wellness team!

A. Albert, MD

My relationship with my wife has improved tremendously

My work with Maria has shed light on the importance on positive problem solving (versus negative rumination), developing the mindset to be successful, and implementing ideas to improve every aspect of my life.   My family life, especially my relationship with my wife has improved tremendously. We spend more time in productive conversation and engaging in activities that bring us closer together. We have worked together to establish our “Best Year Yet” plan and for the first time have implemented a plan to effectively manage our finances as a team!

With regards to our discussions about money and abundance, my viewpoint has changed from that as a passive recipient of a paycheck to that of a full-blown love affair with my money. Which means that I am much more thoughtful, directed, and caring about how money flows in and out of my life. Prior to working with Maria, I never realized how little I valued my work and the money I earned.  I also did not realize that I had a “never enough” mentality when it came to money and possessions.  

If I did not take that first step to contact Maria and hire her, it would have cost me a tremendous amount of mental anguish. I think I would have continued to spiral down at work and in my relationships with my wife and children.  I feel like if I had not begun the work with Maria, I may have lost everything.  Thank you, Maria. 

John O., MD

I passed my Neurology Board with the help of Maria

I PASSED!!! You were very important to that process and I want to thank you so much for your help, mindset coaching and continued positive thoughts !

From a Physician who hired Maria in preparation for taking the Neurology Board Exam

Ellen D., MD

You are the best coach & teacher all over the world

Maria … I love you so much.  I miss you so much.  I will never forget you!  I am doing your daily meditations every day.  Thank you for everything good I have in my life because of your coaching. 

You are the best coach and teacher all over the world!

Hayat S., MD (from United Arab Emirates)

An invaluable resource to me as a physician and busy Mom

Maria has been a lifesaver and a breath of fresh air to me. She has been invaluable in helping me to overcome burnout and maintain excitement in my practice and in my life. She is great at moving me away from negativity that occurs after difficult days at work and into a more positive and allowing state of mind.

I can always count on Maria to be upbeat and energetic, and she has so many different tools to offer so that she is able to handle any issue that comes up. The work I have done with Maria has brought me to experience more joy at home with my family and friends, as well as a greater appreciation for my practice and an exciting vision for the future.

She is an invaluable resource to me as a physician and a busy mom.

T. Williams, MD

From a spouse of a physician …

Going into our first session I was not exactly sure what to expect.  I had been stuck in a recurring pattern of negative and unproductive thoughts and behaviors.  My motivation level was zero.  I kept making excuses for why I could and/or would not do tasks that needed attention, or even perform activities that I once enjoyed.  After my first coaching session with Maria,  I felt very encouraged about the fact that these behaviors were in fact a choice, and that I could choose to think and act differently.  By continually reminding myself of that philosophy, and using reflection tools Maria taught me such as …

– the “pile of problems” comparison, 
– envisioning myself completing tasks and activities to the level I wanted them completed for daily motivation,  
– defining a set of future goals keeping in mind that often steps and solutions can present themselves at unexpected times in unexpected ways,  
– and genuinely believing that a positive attitude will help energize both myself and those around me creating a positive recurring zone, 

 I was able to regain the ability to think positively about things and minimize unproductive time. 

These tools gave me the initial outlook to begin the mental transformation back to the person I was months and months ago.  After feeling a small amount of positive energy and relief utilizing these tools, the effect began to grow.  The more and more positive I became, the more I accomplished, and the more desire I had to complete and do more.  It’s not to say that a negative or counterproductive thought never ever ever strays into my mind, one occasionally does, but as soon as it does I make use of these principals I learned from Maria and I am able to ward any negativity off before they impact my positive momentum, productivity, and drive.  I truly believe these tools have helped me take back command of my life and regain the ability to enjoy what it is that I have, and what it is that I enjoy.  Thank you again, Maria for putting me back on the path!  I hope that this testimonial can help someone else begin their own positive journey with you. 

Michael C. , Physician Spouse

Maria will bring light back into your life!

Testimonial from Female Surgeon for Maria Lesetz

Thank you, Maria! I passed my General Surgery Boards!

Maria helped during the most difficult time in my life when I had to deal with my mother’s illness while I was trying to dedicate myself to studying for the American Board of Surgery Certifying exam. I could not find energy or motivation to start reading, and when I would start, I became discouraged that I would not be able to keep up with my study schedule. I felt depressed and helpless. I had a psychiatrist and a psychologist as well as my best friend and family members who tried to encourage me but could not get through to me.

Maria helped me to see my situation from a different perspective. It amazes me how her small push, encouragement and just telling me I could do it, helped me move the mountains at the end. I am grateful that I found Maria Lesetz. I am now a Board-Certified General Surgeon! In addition, I am also equipped in dealing with any stressful situations with more poise and calmness than before I worked with Maria.

If you want your life to be full of love, happiness, and grace, talk to Maria. She will bring light back into your life and will teach you how to get through any challenging situation.

Julia B.O., MD

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