Maria Lesetz hears it all the time from clients, followers, fans, and even some friends …
“But, HOW do I attract more money into my life? I never have enough!

Money is energy.  What you think and believe about money is also energy and it is a vibration you are putting out there into the world that mirrors back to you results that match exactly what you think and feel about money.

Can you feel the energy of this picture below where Maria Lesetz is standing underneath all that money?  Pretty cool, huh? Imagine if all that money was raining down on you.  Imagine if you could just reach up and grab as much as you want. Imagine feeling so abundant and financially blessed, that you would never have to “worry” about money again.

That would be delightful, wouldn’t it?  Well, Maria wants you to know that it is possible and that she can teach you how to pivot your vibe around money so that more of it can come into your life with ease.

You may be an entrepreneur who is having difficulties attracting clients to you or maybe you are the sole parent who is supporting the entire family just on your income or maybe you are retired now and feel strapped for money.  Whatever, your situation is, it can be rectified by changing what you say and believe about money and your financial situation.

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Do you find yourself saying:

“I need more money.”

“I never have enough money.”

“I have to work hard for my money.”

“As soon as money comes in, it quickly goes out.”

“Money goes to money.  I will never be able to make the money that I desire to have.”

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All of the above beliefs are going to repel money from coming to you.  They are all rooted in a “lack” mentality.  Maria will teach you how to pivot that “lack” feeling to an abundant feeling, one that is aligned with the energy of money.  She has a very unique approach to “ease” your vibration around money.

You must be ready for this new way of thinking and be open to it.  If you come to these money sessions and resist the concept of “what you think and believe about money creates your reality”, then they will not work for you.  Resistant energy will always stop you from attracting what you desire to have in you life.

These sessions are perfect for you if you believe in the Law of Attraction and know that your money beliefs, thoughts, feelings and even your relationship with money needs to shift in order to manifest more of it into your life.  It may be that how you feel about money comes from your upbringing.  Well, what you were taught then, can be changed now.

If you just want to work on improving your financial situation (what Maria calls “amping up your money vibe”), then this coaching package is a great place to start.

Maria will work with you to remove any limiting beliefs and stories you tell yourself about “money” and does it in a way that is unique to your specific situation.  With this laser focused coaching, Maria schedules your first session as a 1 hour consultation, where she discovers everything that is holding you back from attracting more money into your life.  Then she schedules 6 more “laser sessions” (i.e., each session will last approximately 30 minutes) which are in the form of customized meditation scripts (specific to your unique situation), that helps you to release every thought, feeling and vibration that is stopping the flow of money from coming to you.

If your money situation is less than optimal and you want to learn how to start turning it around OR if you desire to really amp up your money vibe to a whole new level, then Maria’s Color my Life Happy Money Coaching Package is for you.

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Color My Life Happy – Money Coaching Package

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