Recently I started smelling cigarette smoke coming through my electrical outlets.  I am not a smoker, never have been, can’t stand that dirty smell.  However, here I was experiencing the smell of cigarettes coming through my bedroom wall outlet behind my bed.  My natural reaction was the common acronym “WTF”!   I live in an apartment complex and the rules are very clear now that nobody is supposed to be smoking in their apartment, but clearly my neighbor was.

Initially, I was not too happy with this situation, especially since I would wake up in the middle of the night with the feeling of smoke in my chest.  Again, I don’t smoke and it brought up the memories of me as a child where I had asthma attacks from things I was allergic too.

I knew as a Law of Attraction coach that
I had to pivot this feeling I was having pretty quickly,

implementing all the tools I teach to change my vibration around this situation.

I went to management and told them what was going on.  Initially, the answer I received wasn’t to my liking.  They made it sound like it would be a long process to “prove” that he was smoking in his apartment and to evict.  They told me I could move and that they would wave the move fee!  WHAT???   I can assure you that the feelings I was having during this time were definitely not aligned with “joy, peace, happy, all is well”.  However, I knew I had to get myself there … at least to the energy of “making peace with what is” and trusting that this was all unfolding for the highest good of all.

That is a great catch-all affirmation to use when you feel things are a bit sticky in a particular life situation.  Mark this affirmation down right now and implement it often  …

“I am trusting that everything is unfolding
for the highest good of all.  All is well.”

Now, back to what I did to amp up my vibe around this smoking neighbor situation:

1) I breathed A LOT – deep breathing exercises often throughout the day.  You would be amazed at what deliberate breathing will do for your inner peace.  (Of course, I didn’t take those deep breaths in the bedroom when I smelled smoke <wink>)

2) I told myself that this is all happening for a reason and all will be well.  I took one day at a time.

3) I allowed for the possibility of being pleasantly surprised at how it all unfolded.  And as a result of that, management helped with the cost of an air purifier in my bedroom. That was something to celebrate.  They were working with me.

4) I didn’t tell myself the negative story of how it could unfold.  Why would you do that?  It’s not going to make you feel good.  It’s only going to upset you more.  So, I deliberately chose to tell myself the stories that brought me a feeling of relief.

5) I embraced a “solution mindset”.  We all have a tendency to focus on the problem at hand.  But the more you focus on what you DON’T want, you will get more of the same … what you DON’T want.  And again, your focus impacts how you feel on the inside.  So, laser focusing on the problem will only make you feel like crap!  So, I kept on living in the energy of “there are abundant solutions” and it will get better.  I researched a lot about air purifiers – I know more than I want to know about them – but bottom line, I own two of them now and they are helping.

6) I was kind, but strong in my convictions when dealing with management.  You don’t get what you want by yelling, screaming, getting angry or being downright indignant with others.  You get what you desire to have by setting your intention of what you want and going into the situation, knowing that as you set that intentional energy in motion, it is already happening, even if you don’t see it unfolding yet.

Turning the smell of cigarettes into colorful energyBottom line, what you choose to think, feel and focus on during times of adversity – where you are experiencing something in your life you DON’T like – is the key to whether you will continue to experience it or be able to pivot the situation to the positive.

Currently, my situation is improving day-by-day.  My neighbor (who always appeared to be a hermit, never leaving his apartment) is going out more often.  He has 3 purifiers in his home as well.  Management is working with us.  We are pleasant to each other and have no bad blood between us when we see each other.  All is unfolding beautifully and keeps on getting better and better.  Why?  Because I implemented all the tools above to change MY vibration around the situation.  I deliberately chose to feel better in a situation that I wasn’t feeling to hot about.   That’s the beauty of learning how to leverage the Law of Attraction in your favor.  When you can do that … ANYTHING is possible!  On a side note, this situation may even be improving the overall health and wellbeing of my neighbor! He’s breathing more fresh air, he is getting out into the world and socializes more with neighbors and the overall quality of the air in his apartment is improving day-by-day too!

No Smoking Please

Maria Lesetz

Maria Lesetz is a Law of Attraction Happiness Coach, Motivational Speaker and Certified Color Code Trainer as well as Life Coach for Physicians. Maria's clients refer to her as their very own "Personal Trainer for the Mind". She helps her clients to pivot their daily negative mind chatter to consistent positive thoughts and feelings, paving the way to abundant success and an inner sense of joy and peace that is second to none. Schedule your 15-minute complimentary Discovery Session today! Go to Color My Life Happy Discovery Session to find out more.

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