Ditch the philosophy … “Plan for the worst and hope for the best”!!

I have heard the phrase “Plan for the worst & hope for the best” many times over the years.  I must admit… I don’t agree with this phrase!  I cringe when I hear it and say “no no no, that’s not the way to manifest what we desire to have in our lives!”

To me, it has a negative connotation to it. (And for those of you who know me, I am all about embracing a positive attitude and setting your positive intentions!)

First of all, if we are “planning for the worst”, we are actually allowing our minds to go ‘there’ — ‘there’ being the ‘worst case scenario’ of what could happen to us.  We are essentially planting a seed … a bad seed, a negative seed.  And what happens to seeds when you nourish them by giving them attention?

You got it, those seeds grow.

I believe in ‘planning’ but NOT ‘planning for the worst’.

As someone who was diagnosed with MS, I have heard many speakers in the MS community preach this phrase.  Not very motivating, is it?  But you know what happens when I get up on that stage! I tell that audience the exact opposite!  Why?  Because our minds and thoughts are very powerful things.  It’s all energy.   Someone at one of my speaking events told me that right after they were diagnosed with MS their husband started making changes to the house to make it wheelchair-accessible – but here’s the kicker – she was not disabled at all!!!  There were not any signs that she was going to be disabled.  But they were already putting it out there in the Universe that this would happen.   Don’t you think that has an impact on what might happen to her overall health in the future?  I sure do.

Being a Law of Attraction coach I know that what we think and feel becomes our reality.   It is so important to live in the present moment. Look at the current situation at hand and decide what you need at that moment. Believe in yourself. Give equal billing to the other side of the coin if you are going into the future with your mind AND think about the positive outcome.  Believe that you can experience that.  Why couldn’t you?  It’s happened to others and it can happen to you too.

As far as the “hope for the best” part of the phrase, I always have felt that the word “hope” was a bit weak.  To me “hoping” implies that the best is somewhere “out there” and not within your reach.  Now, don’t get me wrong, “hoping” is much better than “planning for the worst”!  But it is not as strong as INTEND for the BEST – that puts the power back in your ballpark.  You choose how to feel.  You are the one who intends for something positive to happen.  And you can choose to think thoughts that empower you.  You can choose to focus on what feels good.  You can choose to find the positive proof that what you desire to turn around can happen.   Believe in yourself.  Believe in the power of your mind.  The human spirit is capable of turning around a negative situation into a positive one.

You can find happiness in times of adversity.  And that happiness that you find on the inside will help you to change the course of your future for the better.  Happiness paves the way for a brighter future, a more lucrative future and a healthier future.

I encourage you to change your philosophy of “plan for the worst, hope for the best” to something that feels more empowering to you.

How about  “Intend for the Best!” or “Live in the Moment, Believe in the Best!”  or “Plan for the Best, Trust that it will pivot to the positive!”

What do you think?   Post your modified empowering phrases below that you can embrace during times of adversity!

Planning for the worst is BUNK!
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Maria Lesetz

Maria Lesetz is a Law of Attraction Happiness Coach, Motivational Speaker and Certified Color Code Trainer as well as Life Coach for Physicians. Maria's clients refer to her as their very own "Personal Trainer for the Mind". She helps her clients to pivot their daily negative mind chatter to consistent positive thoughts and feelings, paving the way to abundant success and an inner sense of joy and peace that is second to none. Schedule your 15-minute complimentary Discovery Session today! Go to Color My Life Happy Discovery Session to find out more.

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