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From chronically grumpy to feeling optimistic

Jen Williams Testimonial Pic for Maria Lesetz of Color My Life Happy

Maria’s infectious enthusiasm and rockin’ Law of Attraction skills help peel away layers of limiting beliefs and get me feeling better about everything!

I went from feeling stuck and chronically grumpy to feeling optimistic and open to endless possibilities!

Jen Williams

An invaluable resource to me as a physician and a busy Mom

Tanya Williams MD Testimonial Pic for Maria Lesetz of Color My Life Happy

Maria has been a lifesaver and a breath of fresh air to me. She has been invaluable in helping me to overcome burnout and maintain excitement in my practice and in my life. She is great at moving me away from negativity that occurs after difficult days at work and into a more positive and allowing state of mind.

I can always count on Maria to be upbeat and energetic, and she has so many different tools to offer so that she is able to handle any issue that comes up. The work I have done with Maria has brought me to experience more joy at home with my family and friends, as well as a greater appreciation for my practice and an exciting vision for the future.

She is an invaluable resource to me as a physician and a busy mom.

Tanya Williams, MD

Felt a renewed sense of self-worth and belief in my dreams

Brenda Pringle Testimonial Pic for Maria Lesetz of Color My Life Happy

Maria, I’ve been blown away by the impact of my first coaching session with you. I’ve felt a renewed sense of self-worth and belief in my dreams again.

I can’t describe how grateful I am for your innate gift – an easy and confident style that makes it so easy to channel your energy and wisdom.

My session with you felt like one big exhale followed by in-breaths of light and inspiration. I can ‘still’ hear your voice and feel your support, Maria!
Big, big love and gratitude to you!

Brenda Pringle

I now have an amazing tool box of manifesting techniques

Sophie Mizrak Testimonial for Maria Lesetz of Color My Life Happy

Maria is an excellent coach and I would recommend her to everyone!  She kept a consistently high vibrational state for me throughout our entire 6 months of coaching.
I really felt she had my back , I felt so supported and at ease working with her.

I have left feeling like I have an amazing tool box of manifesting techniques ready to use them whenever they are needed.  Focusing on the Color Code really helped to bring out the playful “yellow” side of me that was buried and ready to come out and shine!

It felt abundant and exciting to be in Maria’s presence on a regular basis. I started the coaching for the purpose of raising my health vibe but really I got so much more, the list is endless!!

I am so grateful and will look forward to working with her again in the future as a business coach for  manifesting my own successful business!

Sophie Mizrak

I don’t obsess over my body image anymore

Lucy Johnson Testimonial pic for Maria Lesetz

Before working with Maria I felt pretty hopeless and lost when it came to weight loss and my body image. I was very unhappy with how I looked and it was starting to take over my life.
I’ve done lots of weight loss programs before and not achieved the results I wanted but felt Maria’s was different somehow with her unique approach to the mindset work behind weight loss.

So I gave it a go and can happily announce that 6 months later I am the exact dress size I have always wanted to be but more importantly I don’t obsess over my body image anymore and feel much more confident in my own skin. Working with Maria is great as she’s straight talking and tells you exactly what you need to hear.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who has tried to change an aspect of their life before and failed. She’s made a huge difference to me and is fun to work with.

Lucy Johnson, CEO

Maria’s commitment to finding your joy has an ah-hah quality

Theresa Huisman Testimonial pic for Maria Lesetz

Juggling self-employment, two kids, new love, transitioning divorce with highly opinionated friends and family was boxing me in so to speak. It was a struggle to be this high powered communicator suddenly lacking the tools necessary to effectively speak and stay true to myself.

Having worked previously with counselors only to find nothing resonating, a dear friend recommended I contact Maria.

After talking with Maria briefly on the phone it was clear we were a fit. I’m very business oriented, non-emotional some would say, and very “real.”
Maria’s commitment to “finding your joy” has an ah-ha! quality that is “outside-the-box” fresh. Give it a GO and enjoy the journey!”

Terry Huisman, Entrepreneur, Mom & Yogi

From constant pain in my back to virtually pain free

Jody Low-A-Chee Testimonial Pic for Maria Lesetz of Color My Life Happy

Maria helped me this summer move from driving, constant pain in my back to being virtually pain free within a week.
I’ve been noticing and appreciating several things recently because of her coaching:

• First time in three years where bending over to tie skates and back hockey bags didn’t hurt. I can now swing the hockey bag over my back to carry it, no problem, no pain.

• I’m bending and moving and wanting to do more and when I feel something in my back, I LISTEN to my body and take care of myself, something that Maria inspired me to do more often.

Maria, I love your passion, wisdom, humor and openness as a coach. Your voice lights me up whenever I hear it on our coaching call.
You have helped me reframe to tell a different story, and listen and honor what my body has to say.


Jody Low-A-Chee

Working with Maria has literally changed my life forever

Diane Ebert Testimonial Pic for Maria Lesetz of Color My Life Happy

If anyone is even thinking of looking into Life coaching or Business coaching start here!

My life started to change within the first 10 minutes of hearing Maria’s beautiful New York accent filled with genuine love, compassion and a desire to help someone who was feeling lost, alone, and pretty literally at a point to stay where I was in the ‘muck and yuck’ or giving myself permission to learn a new way of looking at life through this ‘thing’ called Law of Attraction.

And, why not work with someone who is the MASTER?! Working with Maria has LITERALLY changed my life forever. I love life more than I ever thought was possible in JUST 27 DAYs!  I have been able to feel and see the amazing mind bending results of being one of the many students of this life coach! Amazing Amazing Amazing! Thank you, Maria.

Diane Ebert

I Now Believe that Anything is Possible

Sarah Andersen Testimonial pic for Maria Lesetz

Working with Maria is simply amazing! Her infectious positive energy uplifts and inspires me in every aspect of my life. Maria holds me accountable for all of my goals and aspirations and is always supporting me and cheering me on.

Maria pushes me to get out of my comfort zone and guides me in releasing all my limiting thoughts and beliefs. Maria provides me with tools and exercises to practice on my own and I feel more confident and excited about life.

I have experienced amazing changes in myself since working with Maria and I feel very empowered! Maria is always going the extra mile to support me and I trust her completely.  I look forward to every session with Maria and my vibration after is high-vibing! With Maria as my coach, I now believe that anything is possible!

Sarah Andersen

A Mom who hired Maria to help her 26 year old daughter

My adult daughter struggles with depression and anxiety.  She was very “shut down”, and I felt I could not really reach her at all.

We had always been close, so I was quite concerned.  Once she started working with Maria, she quickly started coping better in general with stressful situations in her life.

During her work with Maria, we had to put her beloved horse down.  My daughter was devastated.  This is not a situation she would have handled well, but with Maria’s support, she was able to grieve in a very healthy way.

She is much happier as her work with Maria continues.  Our relationship is now very open, honest, and loving.  I feel like I got my daughter back, and I am very grateful!!

Dana E.

Working with you is like having my own little ray of sunshine

Working with you has been like having my own little ray of sunshine in my pocket.

The consistent focus on celebrating the things that are working for me and bringing me joy, while simultaneously working on letting go of the things that are not, is something I carry with me every day.

When I feel myself slipping back into negative habits, I keep hearing your voice “practice that muscle” and it forces me to change direction.

Thank you for helping me to Love Life!

Karen M., Sr. Director of Consumer Engagement

Maria’s energy is like painting a dull room with bright yellow

Maria Lesetz is a ray of sunshine!

Maria’s energy is like painting a dull room with bright yellow paint and opening all the windows!  You will be happy you checked into her coaching services and chose to hire her as your coach!


Maria is full of energy & willing to listen without judging!

Maria Lesetz is full of energy and will bring happy back into your life!

If you need or want to talk to someone who can help you bring positivity back into your life, especially during times of adversity, then give Maria Lesetz a chance to help!  She is full of energy, willing to listen without judging and will help you find what you love and bring it back into your life!  I just got off the phone with her and she is GREAT!  I felt like I have known her all of my life.  Thank you so much, Maria!!

C. L.

Maria will bring light back into your life!

Testimonial from Female Surgeon for Maria Lesetz

Thank you, Maria! I passed my General Surgery Boards!

Maria helped during the most difficult time in my life when I had to deal with my mother’s illness while I was trying to dedicate myself to studying for the American Board of Surgery Certifying exam. I could not find energy or motivation to start reading, and when I would start, I became discouraged that I would not be able to keep up with my study schedule. I felt depressed and helpless. I had a psychiatrist and a psychologist as well as my best friend and family members who tried to encourage me but could not get through to me.

Maria helped me to see my situation from a different perspective. It amazes me how her small push, encouragement and just telling me I could do it, helped me move the mountains at the end. I am grateful that I found Maria Lesetz. I am now a Board-Certified General Surgeon! In addition, I am also equipped in dealing with any stressful situations with more poise and calmness than before I worked with Maria.

If you want your life to be full of love, happiness, and grace, talk to Maria. She will bring light back into your life and will teach you how to get through any challenging situation.

Julia B.O., MD


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