Color My Life Happy Relationship Coaching with Maria LesetzAll of life is about relationships – your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your family, friends and even your co-workers.  You communicate with people on a daily basis – from customer service representatives, to waiters to sales representatives – the list goes on.  But why is it that certain relationships feel so difficult to navigate?  Why does that co-worker get on your last nerve?  Why do you and your spouse have the same type of arguments over and over again?   Why does your one child behave and act like an angel, where your other child drives you absolutely batty with the way he or she responds to you?

You may think “it’s all them – if only THEY would change, our relationship would be better!”  But that way of thinking is never going to improve your relationship with anyone.  It’s a two-way street.  You can’t wait for someone to change in order to feel better.  You both have to work at it.  And it starts with YOU first.  You must fully understand your core personality and how you are wired from birth in order to begin the process of improving all of the relationships you have in your life.

That’s why Maria Lesetz is offering this laser focused coaching package around improving your relationships.

This package is perfect for you if you are ready to take 100% responsibility
for the success of your relationships.

The first action step Maria will have you take is to complete the Color Code™ personality test under her special Color My Life Happy Coaching account.  As part of the coaching package, you will receive an upgraded Comprehensive Analysis Report (a 35+ page report that explains your unique personality in extensive details, gives tips on how to become your best self and suggests ways to improve your relationships with other personality types).

Maria will help you to leverage the information in your Color Code report so that you can have a better relationship with yourself AND others. She will also coach you around removing any limiting beliefs and stories you tell yourself about the people you interact with and will coach you in a manner that is unique to your specific personality type.

With this laser focused relationship coaching, Maria schedules your first session as a hour long consultation, where she discovers exactly what relationship you want to improve and will identify what is holding you back from doing that. Your relationship with yourself is top priority, so no matter what other relationship(s) you want to improve, this package will include the work on yourself first.  Then, based on feedback you give her in the first session and which relationship you have chosen to also improve (e.g., spouse, child, co-worker, boss, etc,), she will determine the color code of the other person and share with you the do’s and don’ts on how to best communicate with the person you have chosen.

In addition to the first consultation, this package includes  6 more “laser sessions” (i.e., each session will last approximately 30 minutes) where you will receive more Color Code coaching as well as some customized meditative scripts (specific to your unique situation) that will help you to release every thought, feeling and vibration that is stopping you from opening up to experiencing more successful relationships in your life.

If you feel frustrated and at your wits’ end with some of your personal and/or professional relationships and you would like to learn how to significantly improve those relationships that drive you batty, then Maria’s Color my Life Happy Relationship Coaching Package is a great place to start.

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Color My Life Happy – Relationship Coaching Package

Color My Life Happy Relationship Coaching with Maria Lesetz  Color My Life Happy Relationship Coaching with Maria Lesetz Color My Life Happy Relationship Coaching with Maria Lesetz

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Please note: If you are looking for a more comprehensive coaching support where you will be working on more than one area of your life and will receive 100% support in between your coaching sessions, then contact Maria directly to find out about her Color My Life Happy 6-month coaching package.