Maria will bring light back into your life!

Testimonial from Female Surgeon for Maria Lesetz

Thank you, Maria! I passed my General Surgery Boards! Maria helped during the most difficult time in my life when I had to deal with my mother’s illness while I was trying to dedicate myself to studying for the American

From a spouse of a physician …

Going into our first session I was not exactly sure what to expect.  I had been stuck in a recurring pattern of negative and unproductive thoughts and behaviors.  My motivation level was zero.  I kept making excuses for why I

You are the best coach & teacher all over the world

Maria … I love you so much.  I miss you so much.  I will never forget you!  I am doing your daily meditations every day.  Thank you for everything good I have in my life because of your coaching.  You

I passed my Neurology Board with the help of Maria

I PASSED!!! You were very important to that process and I want to thank you so much for your help, mindset coaching and continued positive thoughts ! From a Physician who hired Maria in preparation for taking the Neurology Board

My relationship with my wife has improved tremendously

My work with Maria has shed light on the importance on positive problem solving (versus negative rumination), developing the mindset to be successful, and implementing ideas to improve every aspect of my life.   My family life, especially my relationship with

Maria is an excellent coach

Maria is an excellent coach! I had been experiencing feelings of burnout and frustration intermittently for years. I had contemplated working with a life/career coach six years ago, but I didn’t feel the right connection with the coaches I had

I no longer feel that sense of doom & dread

During the time I have been coaching with Maria, the following areas of my life have significantly improved:   1) My ability to be comfortable and focused at work 2) I no longer feel the sense of DOOM and DREAD