Going into our first session I was not exactly sure what to expect.  I had been stuck in a recurring pattern of negative and unproductive thoughts and behaviors.  My motivation level was zero.  I kept making excuses for why I could and/or would not do tasks that needed attention, or even perform activities that I once enjoyed.  After my first coaching session with Maria,  I felt very encouraged about the fact that these behaviors were in fact a choice, and that I could choose to think and act differently.  By continually reminding myself of that philosophy, and using reflection tools Maria taught me such as …

– the “pile of problems” comparison, 
– envisioning myself completing tasks and activities to the level I wanted them completed for daily motivation,  
– defining a set of future goals keeping in mind that often steps and solutions can present themselves at unexpected times in unexpected ways,  
– and genuinely believing that a positive attitude will help energize both myself and those around me creating a positive recurring zone, 

 I was able to regain the ability to think positively about things and minimize unproductive time. 

These tools gave me the initial outlook to begin the mental transformation back to the person I was months and months ago.  After feeling a small amount of positive energy and relief utilizing these tools, the effect began to grow.  The more and more positive I became, the more I accomplished, and the more desire I had to complete and do more.  It’s not to say that a negative or counterproductive thought never ever ever strays into my mind, one occasionally does, but as soon as it does I make use of these principals I learned from Maria and I am able to ward any negativity off before they impact my positive momentum, productivity, and drive.  I truly believe these tools have helped me take back command of my life and regain the ability to enjoy what it is that I have, and what it is that I enjoy.  Thank you again, Maria for putting me back on the path!  I hope that this testimonial can help someone else begin their own positive journey with you. 

From a spouse of a physician …