During the time I have been coaching with Maria, the following areas of my life have significantly improved:  

1) My ability to be comfortable and focused at work

2) I no longer feel the sense of DOOM and DREAD that I felt for a period of time.

3) I now know that I shouldn’t take many things personally and this has helped me be a happier, lighter person both at work and at home.  

As a result of this shift, I have a better relationship with my work staff. I am now able to set the tone when others are stressed. Not taking things personally has also allowed me to be less defensive in certain situations as well as criticize others and complain LESS.  

Working with Maria has made a dramatic difference for me and my family. I am grateful that I found you and worked up the nerve to call. I would have missed out on many wonderful experiences (the most important being quality time with my family) if it were not for our time spent coaching together.

I no longer feel that sense of doom & dread