My work with Maria has shed light on the importance on positive problem solving (versus negative rumination), developing the mindset to be successful, and implementing ideas to improve every aspect of my life.   My family life, especially my relationship with my wife has improved tremendously. We spend more time in productive conversation and engaging in activities that bring us closer together. We have worked together to establish our “Best Year Yet” plan and for the first time have implemented a plan to effectively manage our finances as a team!

With regards to our discussions about money and abundance, my viewpoint has changed from that as a passive recipient of a paycheck to that of a full-blown love affair with my money. Which means that I am much more thoughtful, directed, and caring about how money flows in and out of my life. Prior to working with Maria, I never realized how little I valued my work and the money I earned.  I also did not realize that I had a “never enough” mentality when it came to money and possessions.  

If I did not take that first step to contact Maria and hire her, it would have cost me a tremendous amount of mental anguish. I think I would have continued to spiral down at work and in my relationships with my wife and children.  I feel like if I had not begun the work with Maria, I may have lost everything.  Thank you, Maria. 

My relationship with my wife has improved tremendously