When I started working with Maria, I was in a deep depression, burnt out from work, and felt like my life had no meaning. Our work together changed my emotions and attitude from feeling stuck in a rut to the understanding that I can be the master of my own destiny. Maria helped me to transform my depression, resentment, and anger to thoughts of abundance and excellence in all aspects of my life. I have been able to take a more proactive approach in the workplace. By being more engaged at work and developing my self-confidence, I feel transformed into a new and improved healthcare provider. I do not feel the drain and resistance to patients and colleagues that I had before starting my work with Maria. 

The negative emotions of depression and anger have subsided as a result of my new perspective on life. I am more aware of the negative self-talk that got me down and I have worked to engage my mind with thoughts of abundance and prosperity.

My family life, especially my relationship with my wife has improved tremendously. We spend more time in productive conversation and engaging in activities that bring us closer together.

In addition, I have started to change my relationship with money and for the first time in my life have started a financial plan for my life. My fear and anxiety around money has been decimated

The negative emotions of depression and anger have subsided