Maria Lesetz Featured on TV News

Bringing uplifting and positive sound bites to mainstream TV!

If you haven’t already, watch Maria’s TV Interview on Oregon’s Fox News below, where she talks about her passion of helping her clients find their happiness within, despite life’s bumps in the road. 

Interviewing you was the highlight of my day !

TV News Anchor Natasha Chughtai Testimonial for Maria Lesetz

Maria, interviewing you was the highlight of my day… no make it my week! You are truly an inspiration and I admire how many lives you touch with your positivity.

You spurred me into positive thinking today and I am pushing away any negative thoughts as they come about!
Thank you again for all that you do!

Natasha Chughtai, Previous Anchor of Oregon Fox News at 10

Here are just a few of Maria's TV Sound bites that were aired on Fox News at 10 in Oregon after the TV audience heard all the negative news!  She was asked by the TV producer to compose 30 second sound bites that would help lift the spirits of their TV audience.

We all need some positive inspiration amongst the negative news in society and Maria Lesetz is definitely up for that task.  Listen to a sample of her inspirational TV sound bites below ...

Happiness is a choice ... 

It's all about your FOCUS ... 

Worrying is not in your blood ...

It's what you FEEL underneath the words that you use!

When you feel STUCK ... what can you do?

Law of Attraction tip - What to do when you feel "off": 

YouTube Fan Says …

This is great advice! I was having an “off” day and struggling with it. Asking all the why questions and staying stuck in the muck, I tried to use the tools I knew of, to bring myself out and I was still there.  I googled about it and found this video. Yea!!! Your advice helped.  I know LOA (Law of Attraction) and I know to reach for the next best thought, but sometimes a little reminder helps! Thanks!


Maria Lesetz bringing inspirational messages to TV NewsIf you are a TV News Anchor, Producer or Radio Show host and would like to bring Maria's inspirational messages to your station, contact Color My Life Happy today and let’s talk about how together we can begin to shift the overall happiness level of the world!