Color My Life Happy with Maria Lesetz - Take the Color Code Test

Life is all about relationships – especially the one with yourself!  Do you understand why you behave and act the way you do in various life situations?  Socrates said that the major task of life is to come to “know thyself”.  You do this by examining yourself and learning your unique motivations, needs, wants, strengths and limitations.

Understanding yourself as well as understanding the core motives of others will improve all of your relationships exponentially and contribute to your overall success and happiness.

As a trained Life Coach, Maria Lesetz has taken a variety of personality tests, but feels that The Color Code ™  Personality test is second to none compared to the rest!   It is SPOT ON in capturing the essence of your personality. All of her clients have told her that when they took it they were blown away by its accuracy.  It also opens up a new pathway to communicating with your spouse, loved ones, friends and/or coworkers.

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All of Maria’s coaching clients – both individual and corporate clients – take this test first before they start working with her. Unlike other personality tests, The Color Code™ not only identifies what you do but why you do it, allowing you to gain much deeper and more useful insights into what makes you and those around you tick.

Maria loves being a Certified Color Code Trainer and has a lot of fun teaching others how to leverage the power of their colors!  No surprise there because Maria is a YELLOW (core Motive of FUN) with Red as her secondary color.  What color are you?

If you would like to improve a relationship with anyone in your life (including the one with yourself), Maria invites you to take this personality test right now by clicking on the cute little puppy below…

Color My Life Happy Dog with Paint - Maria Lesetz Coaching

After you finish taking the Color Code™ test, Contact Maria and let her know what color you are and find out how you can leverage this powerful information to maximize your overall success and happiness!

Just for FUN, here are a few cartoons that speak to the personality of each of the colors.  Keep in mind, they are just cartoons, so they over-dramatize each color to make a point. 😉

How to recognize a RED:

Color Code Cartoon for REDS

How to recognize a BLUE:

Color Code Cartoon for Blues

How to recognize a WHITE:
Color Code Cartoons for Whites

How to recognize a YELLOW:

Color Code Cartoon for Yellows