I have a friend who always calls raspberries … cranberries. We both laugh when she does it each time!


She knows they are raspberries, but her brain insists on calling them cranberries.
No big deal … as long as they are yummy and we both laugh when she does it!

However, yesterday I wanted to try something new … a little word association game.

Raspberry beretI told her that every time she saw raspberries, she should think of that Prince song “Raspberry Beret”.
She liked that and is now going to associate the fruit with that song.

However, that little word association game back-fired on me – well, kind of. 😉

All day long yesterday, I was singing the song “Raspberry Beret”!! HA! I couldn’t get that song out of
my head! I know you know what I am talking about – sometimes a song gets in your head and
it just doesn’t leave (and hopefully it is a song you like)!! 🙂

Are you now singing the song Raspberry Beret?

You see, our brains get programmed. We hear a song, we sing it later.
Somebody says something or does something that either makes us smile or puts a frown
on our face, we remember that event and play it over again in our head.

We do this with our thoughts often. We tell ourselves a story about our lives
and we play that same “tune” each day over and over again, whether we realize it or not.

Now, if the story is an empowering one (just like a light-hearted, happy-go-lucky song), then
GREAT … keep on telling the story and playing that recording over and over again. It will serve you well!!

But here’s where it hurts you …
When you keep on telling a story or repeat a thought that makes you feel bad about yourself or
your future, it IS going to hinder you. It’s like planting a seed and then continuing to water
and nourish that seed so that it flourishes and grows.

Do you want to be planting a negative seed or a positive one?

So, you must ask yourself … what “tune” do you keep on affirming in your mind?
What’s your Raspberry Beret?

Do a little reflective, inner work this week and start paying attention to the stories
you are telling yourself about your life (and what you are capable of doing or not capable of doing).

And if it is a story that falls into the category of “stinkin’ thinkin’, then choose to pivot it, break the
pattern, tune in to a new “song”, a new “story” that brings you relief.

You have to be very deliberate about this or else you will be manifesting things in your life that you don’t want!

You are the one that chooses what to tune into, so you might as well turn that dial and tune into
something that makes you feel empowered, light-hearted, hopeful, energized, and grateful for what you do have!

OMG … and now that song is right back in my head!! LOL

That song in your head!

What’s your Raspberry Beret?
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Maria Lesetz

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